Worlds #1 Sex Coach for Men - Stirling Cooper
Reveals His NEW E-book:

Preventing Premature Ejaculation

Your Simple Guide to Ending Premature Ejaculation Forever…
And Becoming That 1 in 100 Guy Who Delivers Her Multiple Earth-Shaking Orgasms Every Single Time!

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Have you ever gone out on a GREAT date, with a BEAUTIFUL woman, whom you pull back to your house…

And start by maybe throwing on some music, wine and chill vibes, and begin escalating…

… get her naked, ready to get down… and when you finally do…

You bust in literally under 2 minutes, and it’s all over?

Then she looks at you like… “Dude, was that it?

Yeah. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we all have.

And guess what? It f*cking SUCKS.

Even if you’ve got a lot of experience, when this happens, it’s embarrassing, anticlimactic for her, and pretty much kills the vibe.

I’ve got ONE rule I never break…It’s to always, ALWAYS make the girl I’m with cum at least once before I do.


Well, Two Reasons:

1) She’ll enter a “multi-orgasmic state” where each successive orgasm is much easier to reach, and blast her to the moon.

2) Since it’s so uncommon, it sets you apart, and makes an extremely enjoyable sexual experience for you two.

In fact, I’ve noticed, that as long as you make HER cum first, it almost doesn’t matter when you do, afterwards.

You can keep pounding away for a long time after, making her reach new heights every time, or bust right after she does…


But what DOES matter, is that YOU make HER cum first.

Trust me. And if you’ll stick around for a few minutes to read this letter…

… you’ll understand exactly WHY it’s important, HOW to do this (step-by-step)

AND I’ll let you steal my methods - even if you think you’re not able to last more than a few minutes.

But wait…

What’s Wrong With Your Sex Now?
Why Not Just Remain How You Are?

Let’s think about this logically, mate.

During sex, have you ever thought in your head:

“Shit, this girl is bangin’… I reeeeally hope I don’t bust, that’d be super awkward this fast.”

I used to have these kinds of thoughts myself. And then guess what, the inevitable happened!

There’s a very clear, important reason WHY you should care about this issue… and it’s not just for YOU.

It’s also for your sexual partners to be able to have a much more enjoyable experience, which will:

RETAIN more women in your life (‘cause they fall in love with the good D)

PROVIDE her with mind-boggling orgasms, and uncontrollable body shakes

BOND her much closer to you

SEPARATE you from the pack of Average Joes who don’t know how to use their dick or control their pacing!

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Thing is, most women expect and enjoy sex that lasts longer than just a couple minutes.

For veteran players, this ain’t a surprise, but this is what you should be shooting for. Most women need 10-20 minutes to reach climax, even though most dudes are there in three.

Since sex is really the physical glue that holds relationships together - and bad sex lives lead to bad relationships - you can’t afford to neglect this!

Great sex life = foundation for passionate relationships!

Also, imagine who you could be in the bedroom, if you lasted however long you wanted?

Instead of Johnny-Busta-Nut, you could be Chad Thundercock…

Only if you CONTROLLED your desire to finish, and instead explored different sexual positions… oral… maybe anal… or any other creative sexcapades you two could cum up with!

You should have a goal…… to give HER at least ONE orgasm before yours, and delight her further by taking her through successive orgasms after her first (which thankfully get easier after #1)!

If you can do this, you’ll be in a league of your own - lovers who actually know how to make women cum - and do it consistently!

OK, let’s say you’re sold on WHY you should fix this, but don’t know enough about me…

Why Would You Trust Me With
Showing You How to Last Longer & Predictably Make Women Cum?

Well mate, my name’s Stirling Cooper. I’m an award-winning adult film star.

Over the last several years, I’ve been paid to bed beautiful women - of all shapes, ages, sizes, orientations - from all over the world.

Sex has basically been my full-time job for years, but now I'm taking all that experience and I'm teaching men like you how to crush it in the bedroom.

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I had well over 200 lays before I got into doing this for money… but I used to be a shy, awkward nerd.

I was the kid who got his heart broken, when his “best friend” banged his girlfriend.

This led me into all types of red pill content, dovetailing into female psychology, anatomy, erogenous zones, and turn ONs (and OFFs!)

I used to have no idea my way around a woman, and now, there’s almost nothing I DON’T know about them.

Not to mention, I know all about the male anatomy too, and how to hack it, so you can last for however long you want!

And with techniques (like Pelvic Floor Balancing, Physiology Influencing Psychology & Reconditioning)…

… I’m going to teach it all to you, too.

Over the last year or two, I’ve been teaching guys (about 300,000 of ‘em on YouTube) how to transform their sex lives.

And now, I wanna show YOU…

How Thousands Of Guys Are Solving Their Premature Ejaculation (Without Pills or Doctor Visits) - Not Taught Anywhere Else!

If you’ve been following my YouTube channel, social media, and product content (books, courses n’ coaching), then you’ll know…

I cover just about every single step in the sexual process for men.

I help these men:

LAST LONGER in every sexual interaction

BUILD CONFIDENCE in the bedroom (through repetition),

DELIVER her some crazy orgasms, and

KNOW they can repeat this process with any girl!

And now, being able to CHOOSE when you climax, and giving her the ride of her life, you’ll build massive confidence, open up new realms in your sex life, and increase your results with every girl…

Preventing Premature Ejaculation - A Step-By-Step Guide To Lasting as Long as YOU WANT in the Bedroom

So YOU wanna be that guy who can last SO LONG, that you get to CHOOSE when you want to finish - well after she has?

GOOD. So did I!

That’s exactly why I decided to throw everything I know into a single book you can review in just a couple hours…

… to drastically level up your ejaculatory control mechanisms!

I’m calling it Preventing Premature Ejaculation - and I want you to experience the rewards that lie inside!

This single book will show you everything you need to know, to:

CONTROL your urges to finish fast

EXTEND sex to the time it takes her to cum - and beyond

INSTANTLY become her highest priority lover in no time flat!

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Here’s A Breakdown Of Exactly What’s Inside My Premature Ejaculation Book:

My new book dives into arguably the MOST vital segments of consistently lasting longer:

The ONLY definition of P.E. that really matters,

The TRUE, underlying cause of P.E. - that, once fixed, will permanently eliminate the issue!

Why you NEED to fix this problem forever - starting right now,

Common myths, and the TERRIBLE current solutions most guys rely on (and why they make your problems worse!)

DISCOVER how to mimic the behaviors of men who naturally last forever in the bedroom (i.e. yours truly),

Pick up a few short-term solutions that you can literally use tonight - like Pattern Interrupts, Mental Tricks, Supplements, Biohacks and more - from my career in porn,

Pick up the 3 long-term solutions, (Pelvic Floor Balancing, Physiology Influencing Psychology & Reconditioning) that will eradicate P.E. forever,

… and much, much more!

Any Wanker Can Toot His Own Horn About How Great He Is. Instead, Hear From My Community Of Men, On Whether I’m Legit:

First off, let’s see what a bloke had to say about my methodologies, which I share in my course and books (on dirty talk, sexual dominance, frame control, and performance anxiety/premature ejaculation):

“Got your book and your class. Just wanted to give you a shout-out. Thank you for all the material.The dirty talk material from last quarter has helped out a lot! About to start the videos on bondage/rope play.

Being Dom in the bedroom is definitely a powerful tool in any man’s toolbox”

Over my time doing this, I’ve collected A LOT of empowering success stories with my material. Guys from all over the world write in to me and share how my stuff has changed their sex lives for the better…

Like this:

“Thank you SO much for this content, and the numerous tips you provide in it.

Just wanted to share that I had my 3rd lay ever last night, with a 22-year old Vietnamese chick! It was also the first time I ever went down on a girl, and I just followed your guidelines on how to eat pussy.

The results were f*cking spectacular and she wouldn’t stop asking how many girls I’ve been practicing this on!”

And this:

“I saw results within a couple weeks, that made female jaws DROP.

Overall, this is for every man, and is worth your time and money. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy his course; she’ll be begging you not to leave.”

I could go on an on, all day, for dozens probably hundreds of similar stories! BUT

You get the point. And now you’re thinking…

“Am I Lasting Long Enough Already, Or Should I Invest In Learning How to Extend Her Pleasure And Mine?”

Look, I know this may be a lot to chew on…

First of all, it’s an extremely personal issue - one you may feel embarrassed to speak openly about.

But you are not alone.

Thousands of guys have struggled with this, and it’s a lot more common than you think. In fact, it’s actually a high-quality problem.

If you’re here, it means you’re getting women into bed consistently - and searching for ways to give her pleasure, and last longer as a lover.

But I’ll tell you one thing, if you’re still unsure…

Women WILL be gossiping to her friends the next day - and if you really put it down on her, she’ll be raving and glowing.

But… if you’re a dud in the sack?

You can expect her to complain, as her girlfriends suggest she “finds another guy” or “moves on to someone that can please her”.

Brutal, but true. Remember, hypergamy doesn’t care.

Wouldn’t YOU wanna be the CHAD she brags about? The one who gives her orgasm after orgasm, thirstily coming back for more?

When you can be that guy, it boosts your self-esteem massively and makes you feel like the fucking man INSIDE and OUTSIDE the bedroom - as it inevitably bleeds over. This bond between you two is hard to break, because you’re laying it down proper. You’re the only oasis she can run to, to get her fix of good D…

…and she actually begins to BREAK rules for you, that she doesn’t break for other men!

She’ll start to submit to you, do more things to please you, and be in your frame because she’s chasing YOU - she now wants to keep YOU around!

So mate, if you’re ready to SKYROCKET your sexual capabilities, self-confidence (in and outside the bedroom)*, and STOP busting so damn quick…

When You Pick Up Preventing Premature Ejaculation Today, You’re Protected By My Iron-Clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Look mate, I’m not here to jerk you around (heh).

I know my stuff works, and I’m happy to let you try it out first, to prove that for yourself.

Guys in my community are seeing results day in, day out from my courses and books. That’s why I also want YOU to try my stuff, and get a chance to apply it in bed.

This is my personal, 100% money-back guarantee to you:

If you read and apply my new Preventing Premature Ejaculation book, use it in bed - and you don’t get results?

I will refund you every single penny you paid for it. Hell, you can even keep the book!

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It’s simple. Try it out, up your skills, and have her tugging you back into bed with wild eyes…

OR get all your money back immediately!


Mate, if you’re still on the fence…

Let me remind you, I was once in your situation. I didn’t know how to last as long as I wanted, or to control my urge to finish fast.

I felt super embarrassed every time I ended the party early, and trust me - women don’t appreciate this.

I was a nerd, with no real chance to even practice this stuff more than a few times per year anyway!

So of all people, if I can be one of the guys who’s figured this stuff out, and had dozens of uncomfortable, awkward situations practicing my sexual control?

It means YOU don’t have to. You’re not starting from scratch as I was!

And that’s exactly why I want you to put your faith in my methods, and into yourself, so you CAN have the sex life, experience, and confidence you crave!

Not to mention, it’s 100% risk-free - see above! That means you give my book a test-run, apply it, and if it doesn’t work for ya?

You keep the book, and get every cent back you paid for it!

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Click to Buy Preventing Premature Ejaculation & Get Instant Download Access!

Yours, in lasting so goddamn long she wonders how many more earth-shattering orgasms you’re gonna put her through,

Stirling Cooper
The Worlds #1 Sex Coach for Men



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